Introducing the new sustainable polar fleece


Founded in Hudson, Massachusetts in 1975, Penfield has been at the forefront of outdoor clothing for over forty years. Our passion for the outdoors means we are acutely aware of how precious it is. Which is why going forward from SS20, we have committed to making our polar fleece from recycled properties.


The material is called PET – known for its strength and thermo-stability – and comes from plastic bottles. The process involves the bottles being cleaned, melted, and then passed through a spinneret (a plate with holes through which the polyester is passed, turning it into something like yarn) which is then wound up and crimped. Following that it's baled, dyed and turned into fabric.


The resulting fleece fabric reduces the use of raw petroleum, a primary ingredient in PET, as well as the energy and water usage that original PET production consumes. Of course, this is still a fabric that is made of plastic, but by recycling and reusing bottles, we can avoid them going into landfill or the ocean and extend their life span.


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