Fall/Winter 2019

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Penfield is a global leader in authentic premium apparel, combining outdoor performance with contemporary style. Here’s a guide to the technical terms we use throughout our product range.

What we mean when we say waterproof:

For a piece of clothing to be defined as truly waterproof we need to tape the seams. The jacket is stitched first and then wider adhesive tape is applied to all stitched seams. This creates an impenetrable bond.

Secondly, the fabrics are laminated with a waterproof hydrophilic membrane that sits between the outer shell and the lining. The membrane structure prevents outside water droplets (i.e. rain) passing through the fabric, but moisture from the body can be transported through the membrane as water vapour. The fabric is “breathable” and therefore much more comfortable.

What we mean when we say showerproof:

Showerproof garments are generally made in the traditional cut and sew way, but the fabrics we use are treated with a coating that makes them water resistant (hydrophobic).

The coatings are invisible to the naked eye but prevent the fabric from becoming saturated with water. They encourage water droplets to bead on the surface of the fabric, meaning it can simply be brushed off.


Penfield Behind the Designs FW19 2

Down insulation:

Penfield has been using down as its primary insulation for over 40 years—we believe it to be nature’s best form of insulation. With superb warmth to weight properties, it’s very breathable, is incredibly compressible (it packs down great), and feels wonderful to wear.

It’s got pedigree; down has been used as insulation for decades. As a brand that places functionality at the heart of all it does, we find down to be the most versatile solution—particularly in our authentic, iconic jackets.

We generally choose a duck down / feather mix in a fill power of 550, after 40 years of testing products in some of the harshest weather conditions we believe this offers the best in terms of performance and consumer affordability.

Coyote fur:

Some of our jackets are trimmed with genuine Coyote fur. Coyote fur is a natural product that is supremely warm and durable, feels great to wear and won’t freeze, even in sub-zero temperatures.


Penfield Behind the Designs FW19 3

Synthetic fills:

One drawback of natural down insulation is that it’s not water resistant and it’s insulating properties become compromised once wet.

If you are planning on wearing your Penfield jacket in prolonged wet conditions then consider buying a jacket that uses synthetic insulation instead of down--this will offer you the best combination of warmth and water resistance. Penfield jackets come in a variety of insulation weights so you can choose the right option for you, from lighter packable garments to heavier options that will keep you warm and comfortable even in wet and freezing conditons.

Comfortemp® Thermal Insulation made by Freudenberg is a range of advanced technology materials combining perfect comfort with high thermal insulation properties.
We use Comfortemp® as it perfectly caters for clothing that crosses boundaries between outerwear, activewear and fashion, with high performance functionality and innovative technology. The results are excellent breathability, easy care, washability and long-lasting resistance to fiber migration.

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