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Penfield Presents: For Life in the Open with Mr. Pete Seaward

With 30 years experience shooting in some of the most beautiful and exotic locations across the world, legendary photographer and friend of Penfield, Mr. Pete Seaward is taking some time to focus on his personal projects close to his heart.

We caught up with Pete for an exclusive look at his latest adventure and took the opportunity to find out more about this inspiring and super talented man…

Q1 Tell us what drew you to Jakarta?

For many years I've been sent to photograph exotic locations, sometimes remote but nearly always beautiful by nature. So for my personal exhibition and book about the 'real' world of travel photography, I set myself a difficult challenge, to go and photograph one of the world's most unattractive cities, Jakarta. Big, noisy, polluted and full of traffic chaos, the rich living alongside extreme poverty.

Q2 What was it like, what did you discover there?

I asked my local assistant to take me to the worst areas. I wanted to see the underbelly of this city of extremes. And extreme it certainly was. The most touching for me was seeing families living just feet from the rail tracks under makeshift tarpaulin shacks held together by string and hope.

As I photographed the everyday life, I constantly had to duck out the wayinto one of the shacks to save myself from being flattened by a train. Each time the local children warned me of the approaching danger, but always with a smile.

They are desperately hanging onto survival yet they welcomed me into their lives and showed no hostility.

Q3 What are you hoping to convey through your photography?

I hope the pictures will serve as a reminder that we live in a challenging world. I hope they touch your hearts as they touched mine and help to portray the rarely photographed world of everyday struggle and hardship for so many.

Enjoy Mr. Seaward's beautifully provoking photography here: www.peteseaward.com

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